The Brand

To make clothing for people of color by people of color. By creating a brand that is aiming to inspire, express, and move fluidly throughout its growth, just like any one of us has had to do within life, it presents open possibilities. Done so by its positive outlook on self, self-love, passion, growth, and more. Taking influences from our roots to the current world and finessing it into something unique. 

To put it simply, silver is known to never tarnish. On most occasion silver is always seen as second best, not quite gold but good enough. We want to create something that will keep growing, developing, shining, and continue  it’s legacy by passing the crown to the next. For anyone that’s ever thought they weren’t good enough, or “just right” by default, this crown is for you. We are all worthy of being the best, even if the world around us doesn’t see us that way. Know that we see you, in all your shining glory